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Photo bags / camera backpacks from Lowepro

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Bags from Lowepro

Lowepro is one of the leading manufacturers of carrying systems for electronic products. The range is aimed at cameras and lenses. The Lowepro brand has been successful on the market for over 50 years and skillfully applies its know-how to the development of new bags & lens cases that make everyday life easier for photographers / videographers when traveling or on their next adventure. Since then, the bags have not only been popular with ambitious amateur photographers, but also with professional photographers thanks to their practical functions and special carrying comfort.

Which Lowepro collections are available?

Photo backpacks have always been part of Lowepro's core business, resulting in a variety of product lines for different applications:

  • Adventura - For compact cameras
  • DroneGuard - Drone backpacks
  • Dryzone - Waterproof backpacks
  • Fastpack & Slingshot - Travel backpacks
  • Flipside - Hiking backpacks
  • FreeLine - Versatile bags
  • GearUp - Backpack Organizer
  • Hardside - Camera cases
  • Hatchback - Photo and daypacks
  • M-Trekker - For system cameras
  • Nova - Weatherproof bags
  • Passport - Women's bags
  • Photo Active - Daypacks for hiking

  • Photo Classic - DSLR backpacks
  • PhotoSport - Sports backpacks
  • Powder - Trekking backpacks
  • Pro Roller - Professional photo trolleys
  • Pro Runner - Professional photo bags
  • ProTactic - Modular backpacks
  • Pro Trekker - Large hiking
  • Ridgeline - Daypacks
  • Streetline - City backpacks
  • Tahoe - Lightweight photo backpacks
  • Urbex - Laptop backpacks
  • ViewPoint - Multifunctional
  • Whistler - Outdoor backpacks

What are the special features of the bags?

Lowepro bags & backpacks are characterized by many different features, so the photo & video equipment is best protected against moisture, wear and tear or external influences. When choosing the materials for the various collections, Lowepro relies on waterproof fabric in accordance with IPX6 or IPX7 standards. With the "All Weather Covers", recognizable by the abbreviation: AW, the raincoat not only offers protection from rain, but also from snow, sand and dust.

Another special feature of the Lowepro bags are the hardshell (FormShell technology) backpacks, which keep the wearer's equipment very safe even under extreme conditions. Lowepro has also optimized the carrying comfort for warm / hot days with a breathable back side (ActivZone).

The camera bags also have a practical and clever organization system on top, which can be adapted to suit your needs. So you can get all the equipment you would otherwise have stowed elsewhere.

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