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Because: Why should products be rated?

We appreciate every review we receive from our customers, as they always help other customers with their purchasing decisions.

We mostly receive returns because crucial product details were missing, which can only be assessed when you hold the product in your hand. Frequent reasons for returns can be, for example:

  • [...] I imagined the feel of the camera to be different
  • [...] it feels heavier than expected
  • [...] some functions are worse than expected
  • [...] the color of the backpack was not 100% blue

We want to avoid all these reasons for returns with the rating system, so that fewer returns are made and the environment is relieved even more.

But reviews also help us because they make it easier for us to make decisions about our product range, as we receive a product-related rating based on the feedback and can therefore understand which products are not as popular with our customers.

What should I consider in my review?

  1. Did the product meet your expectations based on the product descriptions?
  2. Did the product meet the quality and price/performance requirements?
  3. How or for what purpose do you use your item?
  4. Which features of the product excite you? Which ones do you find disappointing?
  5. Describe your intended use for the item
  6. Explain the advantages or shortcomings
  7. Give your personal tips and tricks
  8. Refer exclusively to the product


It's this easy to leave a customer review

  1. Go to the article page of your product (for example, enter the article number you find on your invoice in the search).
  2. Select the "Customer opinions" tab.
  3. Enter your opinion and click on "Leave a review".


Top-rated products at Foto Koch

100,- Cashback 0% Finanzierungs-Aktion Welcome to Alpha Bonus sichern
Preis nach Aktion(en): 1.525,87 You pay today 1 1.625,87
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Preis nach Aktion(en): 714,94 You pay today 1 914,94
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Preis nach Aktion(en): 1.520,91 You pay today 1 1.820,91
1 After the purchase you will receive 300,- Euro back from Sony. further information
0% Finanzierungs-Aktion 500,- Canon Kombi-Bonus sichern
Nikon Einsteigerkurs gratis 5 Jahre Garantie sichern 0% Finanzierungs-Aktion
0% Finanzierungs-Aktion Welcome to Alpha Bonus sichern

How do we release the ratings?

In principle, every review is approved, as we want to have a fair and transparent review system for products. We only withhold reviews that do not comply with our guidelines or where we still have questions about your order.
If this is the case, we will contact you in a short letter and ask you to describe your experience in more detail.

Why are my reviews rejected?

  • We reject reviews if they contain right-wing extremist content or hate speech. They should not be offensive or personally hurtful. We reserve the right to apply other evaluation criteria.
  • Duplicate reviews will also be deleted by us, as they cause confusion and would positively or negatively influence the honest star system.
  • Reviews that we cannot assign to the item ordered because they contain texts that criticize or praise features that are not found in the product will also be rejected.

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